Members of the RCA 3D association

The European members of RCA 3D have their own specialty (laser survey, photogrammetry, modeling, etc.) and work together to federate this market.

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AXE-Z specializes in 3D scanning, modeling and operation of the 3D BIM digital model in the new building, renovation, architecture, civil engineering, technical, heritage and retail sectors.



RECOBA offers 3D surveys, 3D modeling and plan editing services. They have equipped themselves with high-end equipment to meet most of the needs. Their skills come from their background and focus on buildings and industrial environment.



My Digital Buildings specializes in the creation of digital twins for turnkey buildings, from data capture to exploitation. They scan buildings extremely quickly (up to 25,000m2 per day) with the best 3D scanning technologies coupled with 360 ° HD photography.



ATFF is a company specializing in reality capture services in various fields across Europe. Starting from the air thanks to photogrammetry, via static scanning, they carry out all types of surveys both outdoors and indoors.

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EVIDENCES 3D is specialized in the field of architectural heritage preservation, engineering and technical studies. Expert in high-quality 3D survey by 3D laser-scanner and/or by drone and has know-how in 3D modeling, creation of digital models under Archicad.


DBI DRONE is the regional leader in technical analysis by drone. DBI DRONE offers aerial observation services as well as analysis and processing of these images in various fields.



Created in 2019, ALTA is specialized in reality capture, 3D scanning and modeling of our environment. It is equipped with the latest generation of Faro scanners, DJI drones as well as powerful computer equipment. 


BYZETOUCH’s goal is to bring value and usage innovation by combining 3D scanning, 3D visualization, and 3D printing technologies. They are working to strengthen their presence in the BIM ecosystem.



SCANWAYS has been active for over 20 years in the fields of construction and land management. Passionate about new technologies, the founders of scanways focus on quality and precision. 


For SCAN REALITY, 3D scanning is a powerful and amazing tool. It gives the opportunity to take advantage of a first-class 3D solution without having to buy a 3D scanner. SCAN REALITY offers mobile, fast and reliable solutions. 



NUMERIBAT, specialized in the digitization of environments of all types (3D scanner survey) and its logical continuation, the BIM (Building Information Model). This method makes it possible to acquire the dimensions of these environments in a reliable, fast and exhaustive way.


A major player in the field of 3D BIM modeling, METHODE 3D offers its digital modeling service from point clouds or existing CAD plans. 


BIM CONCEPT carries out the survey of the existing, using a 3D laser scanner. At each measuring station, the scanner records several million points and their positions in space. This technological tool makes it possible to carry out a millimetric survey of all types of buildings.


3DYNAMIQUE specializes in 3D scanning for the 3D survey of buildings, for the digitization of industrial environments, but also for technically more complicated requests requiring the development of specific tools.

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For more than 20 years, 2CAO is specialized in the field of service provision: – Surveys by 3D scanner interior and exterior – Design of a existing BIM model – Design of BIM model on all phases of a project – BIM trainer in REVIT – Creation of graphic charter, BIM library – BIM manager – BIM modeler – BIM coordinator – BIM conflict detection


Katem 3D

sediscan (1)


SEDISCAN is active on the French and Swiss territories where it offers its services in the 3D digitization of equipment and structures. We bring innovative solutions in order to optimize the time of on-site surveys.

These on-site surveys are carried out with a three-dimensional scanner.



3B-Vision is a company providing BIM and 3D modeling services. We offer the realization of digital BIM models and graphic documents in the field of construction and renovation. 

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Bimotep converts your heritage into a digital BIM model to ensure the preparation of work, maintenance, and manages your buildings.



Transversal drawing office for buildings since 2004: housing, tertiary, heritage, and industry. The activity is structured in three complementary poles (survey – BIM modeling – imaging) for a tailor-made service. Fast and flexible, the team adapts to all contexts: inventory of fixtures, new construction, renovation, maintenance…



ERIC COURBIS, Draftsman designer for more than 10 years, and independent for 2 years. Strong of his experience, on the building site, Eric COURBIS puts at your disposal his great experience in the drawing of execution. Realize 3D models to provide you with plans thanks to his mastery of Autocad, Revit…

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Réalité Numérique is specialized in the fields of reality capture (point cloud) and BIM digital mock-up. Our expertise in the construction sector allows us to accompany our clients from the design to the realization of their project, during the operation of their building and during forensic operations in order to provide all the necessary information and accuracy.



The company DIGICAPTURE offers services by drone and laser scanner with imaging.

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The company SG MESURES is specialized in 3D scanning and modeling of digital models on Archicad. Our sectors are essentially the rehabilitation and the patrimonial.



OMETSA digitizes and models large buildings and infrastructures in occupied and constrained environments. We offer quality, accurate, and detailed renderings by collaborators with accomplished building experience.


Capture solutions

Capture Solutions, combining technical expertise and customer service

Jonathan Choinard and Romain Sommero, the founders of Capture Solutions, met at Leica Geosystems. Both passionate about reality capture technologies and experts in 3D scanners, they actively participated for ten years in the development in the French 3D markets of the famous Swiss manufacturer. Very attached to the customer service, concerned to accompany the professionals of the construction in the digitalization of their activity and in the catch in hand of the tools of capture of the reality, they created Capture Solutions to offer them a range of products and services rigorously chosen and worked out to optimize all their projects where the measurements of precision are paramount.

atis (1) is a Saas AGNOSTIC platform allowing the exploitation and the valorization of point cloud. The essence of is to allow all the experts of Reality Capture to host, work, share, and visualize their point cloud in some clicks. facilitates the access and the work of the point clouds to the professionals who works with 3D scan.  It is the only existing platform working with structured and unstructured scans, compatible with all types of point clouds and scanners, regardless of the original 3D SCAN: – Fixed Scan – Mobile Scan or drone.