RCA 3D brings together all the european actors in Reality Capture

Founded by the companies ATFF, AX-Z, MY DIGITAL BUILDINGS and RECOBA 3D, RCA 3D (Reality Capture Association) is an association which aims, among other things, to federate all the actors of Reality Capture in Europe, mainly service providers scanning services by photogrammetry and / or lasergrammetry and 3D modeling resulting from these surveys.

Point clouds and BIM projects are complex subjects. Let’s make it simple for everyone.

An “Open” association for Reality Capture.

Our four lines of action

Structure the profession to guarantee quality services

Communicate on Reality Capture, develop the market and promote members

Promote synergies and cooperation among network members

Standardize and provide solutions for the profession

Why join RCA 3D?

Democratizing the Reality Capture market

Sharing knowledge and experience

Obtain the RCA 3D quality label

Develop your european reputation

Our latest members!


Federate Reality Capture actors in Europe!