Entry criteria and internal regulations

Entry criteria

The following conditions are pre-criteria prior to a majority vote of the Association Bureau.

The company wishing to join the association must:

  • Exist for more than 18 months.
  • Present one or more “reference” projects that meet one of the following criteria:
    • For a 3D laser survey project: it must have required assembly of at least 400 scans.
    • For a 3D modeling project: it must have been produced from point clouds of a building of at least 2000 m².
    • For an aerial photogrammetry project: it must have required assembly of at least 5,000 aerial photographs.
  • Have achieved a minimum turnover of € 50,000 and 50% of it must have been achieved through Reality Capture services (drone, scanning and modeling).

Rules of procedure

The rules of procedure aim to bring fairness and respect within the association.

The member company must respect the following rules:

  • Beyond the association’s entry criteria, the membership must be voted by a majority of the Board of Directors.
  • The member should not go against the first meaning of the association, namely: to federate the Reality Capture market.
  • The member must present a Made In Europe activity.
  • The member must behave in a professional manner.
  • The member must respect the rules of loyalty and the rules of good conduct between members.
  • The partner can only be a scanner manufacturer, software editor or an institution.
  • The label can only be granted to active members.
  • If the association has surplus funds, it can spend it for its members.
  • The members of the Bureau will be able to defray themselves.

Conditions for striking off a member

The rules of procedure are supplemented by conditions of radiation of a member.

Any member of the association can be removed from the association in the following cases:

  • The member dies.
  • The member resigns voluntarily.
  • The member did not pay his membership fee despite multiple reminders from the association.
  • The member company is in liquidation.
  • The member did not follow the association’s rules of procedure.
  • The RCA 3D Association Bureau unanimously voted to expel the member.